Why Choose Dreams Auto Detail?


The standard of our work is second to none, as demonstrated by the enviable portfolio of work we have acquired. We strive for perfection in every process, making no compromises in the quality of our work or materials. We enjoy our work, and you should enjoy the work we do for you!

We are not a bulk detailer

By keep our volume low so we can keep our quality high. We only take few vehicles a day, so we can give yours all the care it needs.


We have been detailing cars for over 10 years. We have extensive experience ranging from preparing high-end cars for ferrari of washington,roadblock,and other dealers . We are constantly reviewing the latest car detailing products and techniques.


Unlike many “hobbyist” detailers we have full insurance, the resources to keep up with the latest products, equipment, techniques, will be here year after year to look after your cars and are fully accountable for all of our work.


We concentrate on providing the best car detailing and auto concours services.


Dreams Auto Detail understands that in your busy life, there is little to no time to maintain your vehicle. Don’t have time to bring your car in? No problem! We will gladly come to you!


We’d never use the word “cheap” but we do believe in giving the best possible professional service for a reasonable price.


All of our services can be adapted to meet your needs and we provide free, no-obligation quotes.


It is our number one priority, which is why we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’re able to offer this guarantee because we are confidence in the quality workmanship we provide.