Auto Detail

DREAMS AUTO GROUP are the premier mobile auto detailing company proudly serving the DMV area. We specialize in breathing life back into your car. Who says you can’t turn back time?Yes, we have seen many teary eyes as we watch the owners fall back in love with their car. One of the few companies that use mobile steam technology at your door. We are mobile, so we come to you. Save invaluable time by letting us detail your car while you carry on with daily work. Why wait in dingy waiting rooms and suspect lounges for your car to be detailed? We will come to you and detail your car on your property.The Eco Safe AutoMobile Difference: Not all mobile eco-friendly detailers are created equal. We are the cream of the crop and here are some of the reasons why:We use vapor steam technology with brilliant, astounding results both inside and out essay writers.
  • We commercial vapor machines.
  • We get in between nooks and crannies, between the seats and console area
  • We perform a complete ventilation cleaning killing bacteria, mold, and allergens
  • We use only bio-degrabale, non-toxic products.

Full Detail (Exterior + Interior)

  1. Full exterior steam / waterless hand wash.
  2. Moderate Tar and bug removal.
  3. Steam decontamination.
  4. Microfiber Shine.
  5. Wheel wells + dressing.
  6. Rim detail + special polishing.
  7. Tire shine.
  8. All exterior trim dressed for extra protection and restoration.
  9. Chrome/aluminum surfaces + polishing.
  10. High quality wax applied by hand for protection and amazing shine.
  11. Windows & mirrors + special treatment to repel the water.
  12. Vacuum (Floor Mats, Carpet and Seats).
  13. Vacuum the trunk.
  14. Each door panel is meticulously steam cleaned and disinfected.
  1. Door panels special dressing applied for protection.
  2. Door jams steam cleaned.
  3. Instrument panel + special dressing for protection.
  4. Dashboard + special dressing for protection.
  5. Doors.
  6. Cup-holders + special dressing for protection.
  7. Main console + special dressing for protection.
  8. Carpet, Floor mats & Seats steam cleaned.
  9. Air vents steam cleaned.
  10. Pedals steam cleaned.
  11. Steam deodorization / sanitization of the cabin.
  12. Protection of plastics.
  13. Windows & mirrors.

Special Promotion

Two Seat
$149 ($170 value)

$169 ($195 value)

$189 ($220 value)

XL SUV/Minivan
$220 ($270 value)

Full Service Hand Wash

  1. HAND WASH “with ultra hot vapor steam machine”
  2. Interior Vacuum
  3. Windows Cleaned
  4. Machine Wheel Cleaning
  5. Undercarriage Flush
  1. Dash Dusted
  2. Wipe Door Jambs
  3. Dash & Console Conditioner
  4. Tire Shine
  5. Air Freshener
  6. Sealer Wax

WASH $29 ($33 SUV)